Gordon Vars spent most of his life advocating for a balanced middle level curriculum that includes psychological, philosophical, and social factors.  He argued that the best way to include all of these factors was with an integrative curriculum.  He defined one type of integrated curriculum as "core" curriculum. Core curriculum focuses on the problems, issues and concerns of students.  Click on the series of pictures below to further understand Vars ideas about a core curriculum.
Vars also wrote that the most developmentally responsive curriculum is an "unstructured core".  That is a student-centered integrated curriculum in which teachers and students collaborate to develop a unit of study.  Historically this idea of an integrated curriculum stemmed from Herbert Spencer in the 1800s. Ideas of progressive education soon followed in the 1900s, which also emphasized an integrated curriculum.
1. Vars explains how the core curriculum is not a new idea.  As you read this article, make note of when these ideas first started.  How does Vars define a core curriculum?

Int. Curr. VARS.pdf Int. Curr. VARS.pdf
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2. In this article, Vars defines an integrated curriculum.  How does Vars propose it is possible to have an integrated curriculum in light of the common core? Do you think it is possible?
curriculumTestingVars.pdf curriculumTestingVars.pdf
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 3. In this article, Vars reflects on the history of curriculum philosophies.

Common Learning Vars.pdf Common Learning Vars.pdf
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