Introduction to Beane's Philosophy

At the foundation of every curriculum there are ideas and concepts that students are to learn.  These concepts are often decided for us.  In the core curriculum, there are standards that must be met, but what is the best way to go about teaching them to young adolescents?  Beane refers to the concepts of a democratic and integrative curriculum that provides a organization of knowledge based on constructs of meaning.  This includes the idea that curriculum should be developed around themes or questions that are important to young adolescents in order to provide opportunities for thinking and exploration in multiple subjectsThe diagrams below show the concstruct of Beane's  Curriculum Integration concept.

Look over the following slides to develop an understanding of how James Beane understands and defines Curriculum Integration.

 (Clicking individual slides will make them larger.)

Reflect: How can you incorporate democracy and integration when teaching the common core curriculum?
In these articles, Beane provides clear explanations of his middle school curriculum philosophy. Read one of these article to further your understand of these ideas.
Beane_Creating_Quality_in_MSCurriculum.pdf Beane_Creating_Quality_in_MSCurriculum.pdf
Size : 1084.756 Kb
Type : pdf
The Natural Home of Integrated Curriculum.pdf The Natural Home of Integrated Curriculum.pdf
Size : 1259.592 Kb
Type : pdf
Beane_Forward_Preface_Prologue_MS_Question.pdf Beane_Forward_Preface_Prologue_MS_Question.pdf
Size : 4768.472 Kb
Type : pdf

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